Info: September 15th 2015

OpusTel App is available for international users: Click here to get it.


A smart phone solution for your Smartphone. OpusTel is an App to make phone calls on your smartphone tap-proof, very cheap and with excellent sound quality. Here's how it works.


The signaling and the conversations are encrypted.

Low cost

OpusTel users call each other for free, and non-users at very low landline rates.

HD sound quality

You can make calls with excellent sound quality.

Best phone number

You have the option to select a top phone number, such as 0041­ 41 520 60 30.

Second phone number

You can use OpusTel as a second phone number, if you should desire another for certain projects.

Swiss solution

OpusTel is a Swiss mobile-phone solution, IT-equipment in Switzerland, operating under the Swiss Data Protection Act.

Comparison with other telephone solutions

    OpusTel  |  WhatsApp  |  Swisscom 
Make calls to all networks worldwide   -  
Accessible from any phone number   -  
No roaming costs worldwide
Protection against mass surveillance
  -   -
Does not sell your private data
  -   -
Second phone number on mobile
  -   -


The OpusTel Phone App is globally used and supported on iPhone and Android. Please select your international phone number:

Click here to get OpusTel!

OpusTel App

Make a call

Here you enter the phone-number to make a call. You can also choose you call partner from your favorites, form the call history or from your smartphone phone book.



During a call you can:

- Switch to mute
- Activate the speaker
- Change to keyboard
- Suspend a call
- Record a call
- Connect a call
- Set up a conference
- Change between active calls


The app supports 15 languages. The language can be set in the settings of the OpusTel app.

OpusTel is communicating on the website in english and in german.


Incoming call

This is an incoming call. You can be reached although the app isn't active. Only if you have allowed the push-service while setting up the app.


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