OpusTel protects you from monitoring and from mass surveillance.

Privacy concerns have a long tradition in Switzerland. The privacy protection that OpusTel provides is global, as the servers are in Switzerland and the audio stream and signaling are AES-encrypted. For further security against IMSI catcher (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) we recommend 3G, 4G LTE data contracts, without GSM functions. To chat we recommend the swiss based Threema chat APP.  For mobile and landline phone calls we recommend the encrypted OpusTel phone App with a normal international phone number like 0041 41 520 60 02. Phone numbers like this are not registered mobile phone numbers.

OpusTel uses digital 256 bit certificates (CA) from SwissSign. 

No unencrypted data are exposed to countries with mass surveillance: all is protected globally by Swiss law. This is the technical means of enforcing privacy rights worldwide. You can trust OpusTel because it is entirely based in Switzerland.