How OpusTel works

OpusTel can be ordered by sending a message. Click here to order.

How do you set up the OpusTel App?

  • You will receive an email with a link in order to choose a Swiss phone number for international use.
  • Based on your selected phone number we will email you a QR code.
  • You will be able to download the free OpusTel App from the App Store for iOS iPhones, or from Google Play Store for Android phones.
  • Upon opening the App you will be able to read the QR code with it. The OpusTel App will ask you some questions in order to customize your experience.

How do you use the OpusTel App?

Now after a few seconds, your OpusTel App is ready for you to make a call. You may dial any phone number in the international format--e.g. 001 866 395 12xx (a U.S. number). For German numbers include the international format--e.g. 0049 160 33 22 xx.
Note: The App will start itself if someone calls you on your OpusTel number--e.g. 0041 41 520 60 xx.